UFC on FOX – Dos Anjos vs Cerrone – Betting

Michael Johnson vs Nathan Diaz
Johnson has really developed as fighter and I think everyone sees why he is a favorit here. For 1.20 I do not like the risk reward. Nate Diaz is a real threat, standing up his boxing could cause some problems for Johnson, as well as his submission game. I see Johnson staying on the outside and trying to win on points and going for some reactive takedowns. I see Nate trying to walk down Johnson most of the fight, or Nate trying to get a sub off his back. With 4.585 I will go for the possible TKO from Nate or him getting some damage done standing and getting the sub, or PASS.

Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem
This should be a great fight to watch. Two elite strikers meet in the octagon. Dos Santos took so much damage in the battles with Cain, but he is still around. I really do not want to see him in another fight like that. Overeem has not done really well in the UFC but has improved his game and stays more on the outside and gives the other person trying to smash him more respect. The question here is has Overeem learned enough and improved his MMA figher IQ. A lot of people are going to jump on Dos Santos sighting Overeems weak jaw. However I think they are forgeting that Overeem called Dos Santos out here, he asked for this fight and I like the match up. Dos Santos is known for his hands and that is about it, he does kick at times but not much and he is not known for his take downs. Overeem using brutal leg kicks and punishing any take down attempts with maybe the best knees in MMA is what we will see. I like the odds here nearly 4:1 for Overrem rather than risking 1.29 on JDS that he doesnt get TKOed by a Overeem liver kick.

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Donald Cerrone

These guys are going to bring it, why the under 4.5 is paying over 2 I have no idea. 4 rounds of these guys in the ring should produce one tko. I can see the public betting on Cowboy, if it will be enough to move the line? There are a few ways to play this just a single bet on the under 4.5 or bet on Cerrone and prop Dos Anjos by TKO. If the line gets a much higher for Dos Anjos then I wold pull the trigger on the single there, best to see how these lines play out.
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