UFC Odds -UFC Dublin

Some interesting odds for the UFC Dublin card on Oct 24th.
One would think that the UFC wants the Irish fighters to win, similar to the fights in Brazil where they give some of the local fighters good match ups. Lets see if that is the same here. DUFF OUT OF THE FIGHT, POIRIER TO FIGHT ON ANOTHER CARD.
Duffy had a concussion earlier in the week and after a doctor check up was not cleared to fight for medical reasons.
Connor McGregor was willing to step in: https://twitter.com/TheNotoriousMMA/status/656958603790798848
Parke was offered the fight: https://twitter.com/norman_parke/status/656948399909019648#sthash.sqJ4Ud45.dpuf
but Poirier refused.

Does this seem like the Brazil cards?
In the main fight Joseph Duffy vs.Dustin Poirier you have an interesting match up. A techincal striker in Duffy and Poirier an experinced fighter that is aggresive and known for striking and submissions. Dustin Poirier will want to take advantage of Duffy´s stance and throw leg kicks while Duffy will want to wait for Poirier to overextend on some strikes to land some technical body shots. Poirier would have the advantage on the ground but it he is going to need to set up a take down well to avoid a nice uppercut. The local Duffy will have a lot of support and it wont be easy for Poirier.

Tough call here, but the under 1.5 for 2.14 is risky, however both guys can end this early. Poirier will swarm if he sees that you are hurt and try to finish, Duffy is an ex-boxer, can put away people with liver shots or KO to the head. In any case I would feel better with the under than the over on this one.

Norman Parke is a good figher, Reza Madadi has been away for a while. Madadi is a great wrestler and ruthless. Normaly it is best not to bet on fighters that have just returned, but in this case the odds are worth it. Madadi is the underdog pick for this card, imo.

The rest of the card, you could pick all the local fighters and have a good chance of winning more than losing. The UFC loves to build up new places like Ireland and who wants to go to a card where all the locals lose?

Nearly a throw up with Asling a slight favorite. Both of these fighters are good on the ground with high level BJJ. Asling has a more unorthdox stand up style which has had mixed results. Still value here on both sides. Slight edge to the local because of the crowd (like brazil).

This is not advice, bet at your own risk