UFC Fight Night 78 Betting Picks

UFC Fight Night 78 featuring Magny vs. Gastelum. A lot of fights but only one that we are going to focus on for betting.
Ricardo Lamas vs Diego Sanchez

Sanchez is coming into this at over a 5:1 underdog. Lamas is no slouch, and with most people fighting Sanchez he is going to want to keep it technical. What kind of game plan George Jackson has thought up for Sanchez and if he follows it we will have to see. Sanchez will need to close the distance in order to turn it into a brawl or use his wrestling to get it to the ground. A lot of Sanchez´s fights have gone the distance and he has also had some controversial wins and losses at the hands of the judges. Sanchez has the skill and the will to win this fight, but yea it will still be a long shot. Still worth the 5.494 that Nitrogen Sports is offering.

The other bet is on the over 2.5 rounds at 1.527. With the over you are betting on the idea that if Lamas wins it will be from a long techinal striking clinic and that Sanchez will be hard to put away. I like the odds, the main thing that is making me hesitate is that Sanchez gets so reckless sometimes that the doctors stop the fight. Over and Sanchez as singles, you could also play it like this:
Then if Sanchez loses but it still goes over 2.5 you are up 20%

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