UFC Fight for the Troops 3 Nov 6th Betting Picks

UFC Fight for the Troops 3 Nov 6th

Im not going to make a ton of picks for this one but lets take a look at some of the fights.

Rafael Natal 4.15 vs. Tim Kennedy 1.276
Kennedy WIN

Alexis Davis 2.86 vs. Liz Carmouche 1.48
Davis is a good fighter. Carmauche is better. She is tough, has power and came the closest to betting
Rousey than any other woman so far. As a bonus she is ex-miltary so its a home game. I like the
value at 1.48 (almost as if the bookers didnt want to write 1.50 to attract to many bets 😉
Carmouche WIN

Colton Smith 2.4 vs. Michael Chiesa 1.645
2 TUF winners, but two different fighters. Smith is has more of a wrestle f*ck style. He will
just try to overwork you and hold you down for the most part. Hey, he is a tough guy and
should be modivated since he is ex-military. BUT Chiesa is better in every area, ok if it was a
wrestling match for points and not mma then I would say Smith, but its not. 1.645 is enough
to get me to lay it on the line WIN Chiesa

George Roop 2.0 vs. Francisco Rivera 1.909
[b]Do not bet[/b] Roop is an example of the type of guy to avoid when betting.
No matter what you think of him as a fighter from a betting point of view he is
poision, to hard to tell what he will do , Rivera is not bad. If you like flipping a coin
and you normaly play one of those bitcoin dice games then this fight is for you!

Remember in MMA anything can happen! Bet at your own risk! These are my suggestions only, do your own research too! Just because you think someone is going to win doesnt always mean that it is a good bet ie a good value, use your brain!

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