UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva 2 Betting Picks

Christmas time is over. IIIITTTTSSS TIME!
Maybe your pockets are full? Then ive got a few betting picks for you. I suggest using bitcoin to bet with. Why? If it is technicaly illegal to bet in your area you can get around that by using bitcoin, you might want to use TOR as well. Also if you sign up at bitbook.biz then you can use the “faucet” and get a small ammount of free bitcoin that you can use to bet with, NO DEPOSIT NEEDED! You can then test out my picks without any risk. They also have some different odds as some of the other sportsbook so check them out.
Chris Leben 3.55 vs. Uriah Hall
Both of these guys are fighting to stay in the UFC. If you like fighting then you know how Leben fights. Its not pretty, technical, or fancy but damn if he cant fight. Hall is the exact opposite, fancy, technical and gifted. Leben with less skills has a huge heart and hall with tons of skills has shown that he is lacking in willingness to get into a real FIGHT. I see Leben as the worst match up for Hall, Leben might get really beat up in the first but if he survives I think its over for Hall. Look for Leben to push Hall up against the fence, and go into “I hit you , I dont care if you hit me” mode and just be too much uglyness for Hall to deal with.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Dennis Siver 1.408 Siver has lost a few but just take a look to who he lost to, he is hard to put away and big for the division.

Diego Brandao vs. Dustin Poirier
Cant decide- if you can bet FOTN then this could be it.

Fabricio Camoes vs. Jim Miller 1.273 Look for Miller to grind out a win.

Travis Browne vs. Josh Barnett 1.53 Best value on the card, do you really see Browne beating Barnett??

Miesha Tate 7.35 vs. Ronda Rousey yea yea yea, everyone has been waiting for this. From a betting point of view I am willing to bet that Tate can somehow win for 7.35! Holy batshit. But seriously, If this goes past the first Tate could manage to knock out Rousey. Its worth 7.35

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva 1.62 Stop watching all of the UFC hype videos. Road to UFC blah, that hype up Weidman. Can Weidman take AS down? Probaly not, you really think that he can stand with AS when AS is not playing clown? No way. 1.62 for Anderson Silva, say that a few times and tell me that is not a good value. Hell I even think this will go under 1.5 rounds for 1.854

These are my picks, dont bet the house, do your own research.