Sports Betting 101

Are you confused with all of the sports betting terms? Not sure what ML, Spread, Over/Under or what a Parlay is?

Lets go over some basic terms and look at an example:

Money Management – This is the most important thing to learn. For exmaple betting 1% -5% of your betting bankroll per bet is a good rule. It might seem boring, or you might think that you want to double down on a “lock” but following rules will help you win in the long run.  Example: Bettor goes on a streak, wins 3 bets in a row at 50$ dollars each, thinks he knows what he is doing, then goes all in 1000$ on the next bet, since he is on fire, and what happens?He loses his whole bank roll.

Bank Roll – The ammount of money you are ok with losing while betting. Worst case you lose ALL of this.

Push – This means you get your money back, no win, no loss.

Spread – This is how many points the team need to be within in order for your bet to win. For example if the spread is Team A +5 then they dont have to win. They need to come within 4 points and if they come within 5 points then it is a “push” where nobody wins. On the other side -5 would mean Team A needs to win by over 5 points for you to win, if they win by 5 it would be a “push” and nobdy wins (you get your money back).

Money Line aka ML – This just means “outright win” , if it is a sports where a draw is possible then you would lose on a draw. If you think the person or team will win then this is one way to bet. There is no “spread” here.

Over/Under – This is when you bet on over or under part of the game, not who will win the game. For example total score over 40 or under 40. In MMA will the fight end in under 1.5 rounds or over 1.5 rounds.

Odds– The chances of a bet winning. Also how much the bet pays out. There are two ways to show odds. Decimal is most likely going to be easy for a begginer. If the odds are 1.5 and you bet 100$ if you win you have 150$ if you lose you have 0$. If the odds are 2.3 then you get 230$ and if the odds are 1.05 then you would get 105$ with wins. For starting, just stick with decimal and later you can look at “american” odds like -100 +600 ect, it is just another way to say the same thing.

Single Bet – This is a bet on one game, fight or event.

Parlay – A parlay is when you combine more than one bet together. If all of the bets win then you win, if one of them in the parlay loses, you lose the whole parlay. The odds get added together so it is like hitting a jackpot if you win. The chances of hitting a parlay are a lot lower then single bets, but they pay out more. For example Fighter A win 2.0 , Figher C win 2.0, and Fight 5 over 1.5 rounds2.0, Parlay Odds 6.0 – this means that if all bets win you get 6 times what you bet, if ONE of them loses, you lose everything.

Prop Bet – This is a bet on part of the event. For example in MMA “Method of Victory” or “Fight of the Night” , in NFL Football a prop bet would be “Team A over 2 turnovers in the 1st half”.  These are normaly very risky and have high payouts.

In MMA there is no spread so it is pertty easy to understand. Lets have a look.


Conor McGregor 1.559 ML 

ML = Outright win , with ML the method of victory (ko, tko, decision, stoppage) does not matter. Just who wins.

In the example if you bet 100$ on McGregor you would get 159.90$ if he loses you would get 0$.

Over/Under– Here we get offered 2.5 rounds. If the fight is over 2.5 rounds you get 1.852 under pays 1.998


MMA is easy enough , no point spread. Lets take a look at a spread

In this NFL game the spread is 4.5 points. The Panthers need to win by 5 points for you to win, if they win by 4 points you lose. The half point removes the chance for a “push”.  The Titans need to get within 4 points, they do not have to win. So if they lose by a field goal (3 points) you still win. As you can see you can still bet Money Line ML on this game, the Panthers pay 1.445 for an outright win and the Titans 2.984 for an outright win. The over under is point based, if the total score of the game is 44 points or higher the over wins, if the total score is 43 points or lower then the under bets win.

Here is an example of a parlay:
You can see that it pays out much more than a single bet would however if one of these loses the whole parlay loses. If you are starting out it is best to stick with single bets. You will have people that hang out in sports betting chats that have 15 game parlays, allthough they have a better chance of winning than powerball most of the time they LOSE.


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