Midlands PKA Kickboxing

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Midlands PKA Kickboxing offers kickboxing courses for all levels and ages. When I went to their website the first thing I noticed was that they have pictures of people with their hands up protecting their head. That is a good sign that here there is no “Bullshitdo” but rather good functional training without any martial arts BS.

Their moto “Fun, friendly & safe”. Approachable for all people. Allthough they do get down to business with sparring the classes are suitable for any untrained person that walks in off the street, without being thrown in the ring as a sparring dummy :). Fun means disciplined training without a drill sergeant. Safe because the expert trainers have seen everything. They are always paying attention to your needs and understand the journey from beginner to master. They understand how to push you to the limit, safely.

That sounds good, but how can you say the words “kickboxing” and “safe” in the same sentence??? Easy, when you learn from the start clean offensive techniques and a solid defense then you have the tools for safe training.

This is a good example of training defense. Sometimes people think that to improve you just need to train HARDER! More hard sparring! In reality if you have not started like in the video then you need to wind things back. In the video you can see that the young guy is covered up, has his chin down but is still watching out for where the punches come from. He is not flinching everytime that a punch comes. He is learning to defend and maintain composure, this is a vital skill in all stand up fighting. Even though he could improve his hand position when he was on the offensive 😉

Midlands PKA Kickboxing also enters tournements. You get points for clean techniques that land. This tests speed, courage and technique. It is good to test yourself. Martial Arts needs to be balanced. Martial Arts without any fighting (sparring, tournements or full contact fights) is unbalnced. Only the “art” is only one half of Martial Arts.

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