Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Betting

IIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits TIME!

Yes both of these guys are old and not exactly top ranked, but there will be a LOT of people watching this one and with good reason. Both guys bring it and are not known for playing it safe. On paper you have Slice who is a good boxer and has a few fights in MMA with mixed results. Shamrock a legendary MMA fighter a bit past his prime who is excellent at submissions.

As far as betting, why the hell is Shamrock such an underdog? If he can get this to the ground it is over, even in clinch he could sub Slice and it is not as if Shamrock has not faced any good strikers. Sure Kimbo could get a nice KO, but I see more ways Shamrock can win. I also see this going UNDER 1.5 rounds as neither one is really well known for cardio these guys are going to go for it.