Fight Night Las Vegas: Namajunas vs VanZant, Miller vs Chiesa, Northcutt vs Pfilster Betting Odds

Namajunas vs VanZant – Should be a great fight. Both hyped by the UFC of course VanZant is already a fan fav. As far as fighting goes VanZant and Namajunas fight at a fast pace and go for finishes.

Allthough Namajunas is a very techinical striker she is also a little wild, jumping strikes, flying armbars and other crazy shit. VanZant comes out with a fast pace but a bit more of a stable look pertty much orthodox striking,lo looks to clinch- judo throw and land in side control. Both of them will and strikes and I see VanZant timing a jumping strike or kick and getting into a clinch.
While VanZant is stronger and should be able to control the clinch Namajunas will be ready to jump on her back when she trys to hip throw or attempt some kind of wild submission. Since Namajunas is willing to take risks to finish and VanZant likes to finish as well I see the under 3.5 rounds as the bet here. I also see Namjaunas as the better bet for the W not that VanZant is a slouch but still overrated.

Miller vs Chiesa will be a great fight. I see Chiesa having a slight advantage in the first round but if Miller can take this to the thrid I think that is where he wins. Odds are nearly even with Miller being a slight underdog, Miller is my pick

Everyone is talking about the young Karate Kid that looks like he came out of a street fighter video game. If anyone has been hyped it is this guy the UFCs future hope. If you think about it the UFC has not been that great at beeding new talent, a large number of the UFC stars come from other organzations Pride, Strikeforce, WEC and not from TUF or other UFC attempts to breed new talent. No matter, this is easy, Fade the Hype Train and go wiht the dirty dog Pfister. Yea yea Pfister is no Karate Master or BJJ Black Belt, he is pertty much a tough wrestler with some haymakers, but he matches up well to this clean cut flashy Karate style. In his last fight he was out struck in the first round, adjusted and came out with the win.  Lets not forget how well wrestlers have done in the UFC. 9.340 yea ill take that.


Nitrogen Sports

Position 1 Pfilster Win at Nitrogen Sports
Position 2 Northcutt Wins inside the distance at 5Dimes

If Pfilster wins I see it going three rounds, if Northcutt wins I see him stopping Pfilster early.