Different Types & Brands of Punching bag

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Heavybags most popular and seen in most boxing and kick boxing gyms. For home use it is better to get a long heavybag. The main advantage is that they can touch the ground (sometimes called a “thaibag”). Then you wont rip the ceiling down and they will not have so much momentum swinging around because some of the weight is resting on the floor. This is more like hitting a real person then a bag that is swinging around a lot. Leather ones can really take a lot of beating and can be repaired with duct tape. Depending on what you fill the bag with will determine how hard it is. Normaly they are filled with broken cloth. Sand is probaly the worst option because it feels like you are hitting a brick wall and we don´t want you do break your hands! A tip is to put a small tire on the bottom of a hanging heavybag that is touching or almost touching the floor.
Here is an example of a long heavy bag:


There are also Freestanding bags. the base can be filled with sand or water and good if you cant hang a bag, but they are not as firm as the heavybag. These are not what you want to train with if you want to get into full contact fighting. If you are doing bag workouts for fittness then this is a good option for at home.
freestanding bag

Mannnequin “dummy” “bob” punching bags. You can target places on the body and
face. Good for practaicing accuracy but not for power. You are going to want to get one that doesnt tip over too easy if you kick or punch it too hard.

dummy bag