Conspiracy Theories on Anderson Silva´s Defeat

Anderson Silva Lost to Chris Weidman
There are already many conspiracy theories going around. If any of them any truth to them ,time will tell.
-AS threw the fight
-AS threw the fight because he didnt care
-AS threw the fight because the UFC told him to- With CW as champ it will be easier to get sanctioned in NYC
-AS signaled CW when he “acted hurt” seconds before the KO
-AS slipped on a wet part of the octagon
-AS slipped on a wet part of the octagon that he helped get wet when he poured water over his head after round one
Not conspiracy theories but also being discussed:
-AS is arrogant and disrespectfull
-AS just got caught
-Rematch now
-AS antics are part of his tactic
-AS antics are just a big FU to the UFC
This interview was BEFORE the fight