Rose Namajunas vs. Nina Ansaroff

Rose Namajunas vs. Nina Ansaroff is a classic gatekeeper vs. newcomer match up. Ansaroff is an experinced Womens MMA fighter with a record of 6-4 . She has not fought since a loss to Juliana de Lima Carneiro in Nov 2014. Before that she had a 5 fight winning streak. Namjunas is aggressive and pushes the pace, has good striking and an unorthodox style. She is also good at BJJ having won 2 times via submission. She is coming off a 2 fight losing streak but is still the favorite. Ansaroff nearly quit MMA but the UFC called her up to fight in 2014. On paper Namajunas is better everywhere except experince. As long has Namajunas can refine her style just a bit with less jumping kicks that risk takedowns as in her loss in the TUF final she should not have a problem overwhelming Ansaroff with strikes. The odds:

Last Fights:

Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold UFC FIGHT NIGHT, LIVE ON FOX

Herrig vs. Van Zant is worth taking a look at. Herrig lost against Clark in the TUF finals. She is strong and pertty good at wrestling and ok at striking. Van Zant is a better striker and good at ju jitsu but if she can stop the take down from Herrig who is strong? I see Van Zant destroying on the feet but Herrig could just lay on top and win too.

Herrig Last Fight

Van Zant
I couldnt find the last fight on youtube, she one via stoppage, I could find her fight against Tores that she lost, but over a year ago. Herrig does not strike like Torres.

UFC Fight Night: Mousasi vs. Souza 2

Not a bad card for being free. Lets take a look at some of the odds.

Mousasi – Jacare
3.007 1.443

Jacare is an animal Mousasi is tough as nails. I am suprised Mousasi is at 3.007 and I think he is the better value here. WIN Mousasi Im not going to touch the over under here, anything could happen including this going the distance.

Overeem – Rothwell
1.264 4.256

This should be a fun fight. Both of these guys have horrible cardio, they have both gassed out more than once. Rothwell probaly has a better chin than Overroid uhhh.. I mean Overeem but in all other departments I see Overeem with an advantage. How the hell is Rothwell suppost to win this? If he says on the outside Overeem will destroy him with head and leg kicks, really hard brutal kicks. If he gets close Overeem has the best knees in the division, and he can sub you too. I think he finaly figured out that he cant be so stupid and have his hands down and act stupid. Overeem WIN and Under 1.5 at 1.744 single bets if Overeem loses I see it happening quick.

Mitrione – Lewis
To be honest I cant really decide on this one, Mitrone is too in consistant imo, Im not touching this.

Lauzon – Chiesa
2.647 1.544
This could be fight of the night, I can decide who is going to win, both are really stong and hard to put away. Im going to say this is going the distance over 2.5 for 1.950

UFC Fight Night 42: Henderson vs. Khabilov

Fight Night 42 is here, it has a great card and should be anything but boring.

MAIN EVENT: Benson Henderson v Rustam Khabilov

This is going to be a barn burner. I also see it likley going 5 rounds. Benson is the favorite but Khabilov at 3.067 is such a good value. Why they think Rustam as such an underdog is ming boggling. I see this fight as dead even, Benson is going to have his hands full. Benson is great at fighting other people that have one slightly weak area and exploiting that area, Khabilov doesnt have a weak area and is a balanced fighter, I see trouble for Benson.

Rustam Khabilov

Ross Pearson v Diego Sanchez
If you can bet on FOTN (fight of the night) then this is the one to bet on. This should be epic. I see a bloody 3 round battle. Will Diego start bleeding in the first round? Very likely. I like Diego Sanchez as a fan like every other fan. He brings it, he never gives up and after being beat to all hell he just comes back for more. Ross Person is calm collected and a technical striker, almost a kryptonite to Sanchez´s style. We saw a similar match up when Diego fought Kampmann, and even got a contraverasal win. (even though his face looked like a hamberger). Sanchez has to get this to the ground but as the past as shown he doesnt really have the greatest fighter IQ and doesnt follow good game plans, thats why for betting he is horrible. Look for Pearson to pick him apart the 3 round should be epic.
Ross Pearson
1.559 (-179)

John Dodson v John Moraga
Dodson is an amazing fighter, you have to be crazy to bet against him.

Fight: John Dodson
1.206 (-485)

and another no brainer

Sergio Pettis v Yaotzin Meza
Sergio Pettis

Underdog Pick:
Piotr Hallmann v Yves Edwards
Yves Edwards
2.587 (+159)

Yea its an underdog but at 2.587 a good value and worth the risk. Put a small ammount on this one.

Pearson-Sanchez-Pettis / Sanchez-Pettis / Pearson-Sanchez / Pettis-Pearson