Twitter Warrior delcares that he would give A.Silva “a tough time” USF Ultimate Stupid Fan

Keyboard warriors pay attention. Forget the rematch between Weidman and Silva we have a new chalenger! “JT Shoemaker ‏@JTMMA95” on Twitter. This Twitter Warrior clams that Silva “does nothing but strike” ,”sucks” and that he would give him a “tough time” since he is good at BJJ and Greco. So lets try to understand this new Keyboard Warrior profiling himself on twitter.

So it starts as predicts that AS will win. We were WRONG, that is true. Before the fight the twitter warrior was already mouthing off about how Silva “doesnt do anything but strike”



After Weidman won he instantly became the “GOAT” Greatest Fighter of ALL Time. Which I disagred with. Then suddenly Forest Griffin comes into the discussion as GOAT since he is in the hall of fame and AS is not. This is Ultimate Stupid Fan USF. The UFC HOF is totaly subjective. They put in there who they want, it is not based on how many wins or even how -good- of a figher you were per se. Thats why I said “what does that mean”. Not what does HOF mean , but what does it mean to be in the UFC HOF anyway? But as keyboard warriors think (if at all) they are ready to type faster than thinking. “What does it mean” could have a deeper meaning, as in what is it worth, who cares, what does it take to get into it (it being the HOF for all of you that are lost). SEVEN YEARS defending the belt. The only figher that even comes into the discussion of the so called GOAT is FEDOR.

Ok thats fine, a difference of opinon. But then comes the “Im better than you”.


So where are JT Shoemaker´s fight videos? Training Videos? Fight Record? Anything?`???

Nowhere to be found, a typical KEYBOARD WARRIOR