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Fightofthenight dot com has the latest MMA & UFC News . For the latest UFC 163 they gave grades to the fights and fighters just like a school A-F. They did a good job anyalising the different aspects of each fight and presented it in a cool way. I agree that the Davis-Machida fight got a C. They also have a prediction section that offers good explanations for the predictions instead of just short fan based justifications that you get on other sites.

Not only do they report on the UFC they also keep up with BELLATOR. To keep MMA alive and thriving there has to be other big organizations not just ZUFFA based organizations. At the moment BELLATOR is the biggest organization and with a new deal with Vicom and Spike TV they wont be
going away anytime soon. Fightofthe night does a good job of reporting on whats going on in BELLATOR. As we have seen with PRIDE, WEC and STRIKEFORCE when fighters come to the UFC from other organizations they are a force to be reckoned with. They also offer news from the UK MMA organization BAMMA which puts on great events.

Looking for a fight card? Go to the fight card section and check out whats upcoming in UFC, WSOF, BAMMA, or BELLATOR. Under the STRIKEFORCE section you can keep up with what fighters that were in STRIKEFORCE are up to now.

Fightofthenight dot com is a great MMA site with up to date news, predictions and other insightful info. If you are a MMA Fan, go there.

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Conspiracy Theories on Anderson Silva´s Defeat

Anderson Silva Lost to Chris Weidman
There are already many conspiracy theories going around. If any of them any truth to them ,time will tell.
-AS threw the fight
-AS threw the fight because he didnt care
-AS threw the fight because the UFC told him to- With CW as champ it will be easier to get sanctioned in NYC
-AS signaled CW when he “acted hurt” seconds before the KO
-AS slipped on a wet part of the octagon
-AS slipped on a wet part of the octagon that he helped get wet when he poured water over his head after round one
Not conspiracy theories but also being discussed:
-AS is arrogant and disrespectfull
-AS just got caught
-Rematch now
-AS antics are part of his tactic
-AS antics are just a big FU to the UFC
This interview was BEFORE the fight