Dustin Poirier vs. Joseph Duffy – Odds

Last Fights from Poirier and Duffy


Dustin Poirier vs. Joseph Duffy
Good match up here and I do not think this one will go the distance. Both fighters have a lot of finishes in the first or second round. There is a story line where Poirier wants to avenge his loss to Mc Gregor via the Irish Duffy. These guys are going to come to finish and are not going to be happy with going to the judges cards. Prop bet that the fight does not go the distance at 5dimes or the under 1.5 rounds are good bets.


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UFC 195 Betting Odds

Just some quick thoughts on the odds, no hard picks yet but this looks like a repeat of the last card really. Two undervalued underdogs and a title fight that has good under 4.5 rounds value.

Gastelum vs. Noke – Gastelum has proven that he is a well rounded fighter. That being said I just cant see going with him at 1.209. Noke has proven that he comes to fight. His last fight ended quickly when he won by brutal liver kick in round one. Noke at 5.045 looks worth it at first glance.

Mioic vs. Arolovski – This should be a great fight. Mioic a young fighter with a lot of sucsess. Very technical striking, cardo without end and good wrestling defense. Aroloski a MMA legend is making a come back as of late and is training at the Jackson camp. Right now Arolski looks great at 3.0 but anything less is not worth it. Mioic could chop his legs up but I can see Arolovski having a good game plan and excuting it to a T.


Lawler vs. Condit – These guys both have a lot of finishes. With some fighters Condit does fight more on the outside and forces people to chase him around. Not sure if this will be the case here but the value here is in the under 4.5 rounds. I can see Lawler getting the TKO or Condit catching him in a flurry or some clean hook.

Lawler at last title fight in case you forgot

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UFC on FOX – Dos Anjos vs Cerrone – Betting

Michael Johnson vs Nathan Diaz
Johnson has really developed as fighter and I think everyone sees why he is a favorit here. For 1.20 I do not like the risk reward. Nate Diaz is a real threat, standing up his boxing could cause some problems for Johnson, as well as his submission game. I see Johnson staying on the outside and trying to win on points and going for some reactive takedowns. I see Nate trying to walk down Johnson most of the fight, or Nate trying to get a sub off his back. With 4.585 I will go for the possible TKO from Nate or him getting some damage done standing and getting the sub, or PASS.

Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem
This should be a great fight to watch. Two elite strikers meet in the octagon. Dos Santos took so much damage in the battles with Cain, but he is still around. I really do not want to see him in another fight like that. Overeem has not done really well in the UFC but has improved his game and stays more on the outside and gives the other person trying to smash him more respect. The question here is has Overeem learned enough and improved his MMA figher IQ. A lot of people are going to jump on Dos Santos sighting Overeems weak jaw. However I think they are forgeting that Overeem called Dos Santos out here, he asked for this fight and I like the match up. Dos Santos is known for his hands and that is about it, he does kick at times but not much and he is not known for his take downs. Overeem using brutal leg kicks and punishing any take down attempts with maybe the best knees in MMA is what we will see. I like the odds here nearly 4:1 for Overrem rather than risking 1.29 on JDS that he doesnt get TKOed by a Overeem liver kick.

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Donald Cerrone

These guys are going to bring it, why the under 4.5 is paying over 2 I have no idea. 4 rounds of these guys in the ring should produce one tko. I can see the public betting on Cowboy, if it will be enough to move the line? There are a few ways to play this just a single bet on the under 4.5 or bet on Cerrone and prop Dos Anjos by TKO. If the line gets a much higher for Dos Anjos then I wold pull the trigger on the single there, best to see how these lines play out.
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Fight Night Las Vegas: Namajunas vs VanZant, Miller vs Chiesa, Northcutt vs Pfilster Betting Odds

Namajunas vs VanZant – Should be a great fight. Both hyped by the UFC of course VanZant is already a fan fav. As far as fighting goes VanZant and Namajunas fight at a fast pace and go for finishes.

Allthough Namajunas is a very techinical striker she is also a little wild, jumping strikes, flying armbars and other crazy shit. VanZant comes out with a fast pace but a bit more of a stable look pertty much orthodox striking,lo looks to clinch- judo throw and land in side control. Both of them will and strikes and I see VanZant timing a jumping strike or kick and getting into a clinch.
While VanZant is stronger and should be able to control the clinch Namajunas will be ready to jump on her back when she trys to hip throw or attempt some kind of wild submission. Since Namajunas is willing to take risks to finish and VanZant likes to finish as well I see the under 3.5 rounds as the bet here. I also see Namjaunas as the better bet for the W not that VanZant is a slouch but still overrated.

Miller vs Chiesa will be a great fight. I see Chiesa having a slight advantage in the first round but if Miller can take this to the thrid I think that is where he wins. Odds are nearly even with Miller being a slight underdog, Miller is my pick

Everyone is talking about the young Karate Kid that looks like he came out of a street fighter video game. If anyone has been hyped it is this guy the UFCs future hope. If you think about it the UFC has not been that great at beeding new talent, a large number of the UFC stars come from other organzations Pride, Strikeforce, WEC and not from TUF or other UFC attempts to breed new talent. No matter, this is easy, Fade the Hype Train and go wiht the dirty dog Pfister. Yea yea Pfister is no Karate Master or BJJ Black Belt, he is pertty much a tough wrestler with some haymakers, but he matches up well to this clean cut flashy Karate style. In his last fight he was out struck in the first round, adjusted and came out with the win.  Lets not forget how well wrestlers have done in the UFC. 9.340 yea ill take that.


Nitrogen Sports

Position 1 Pfilster Win at Nitrogen Sports
Position 2 Northcutt Wins inside the distance at 5Dimes

If Pfilster wins I see it going three rounds, if Northcutt wins I see him stopping Pfilster early.

Sage Northcutt vs Cody Pfister – Review

Are they feeding Northcutt cans to hype him up? Is Pfister really a threat? At +906 10.060 it looks like the bookies think he doesnt have a chance. Pfister might be worth a bet against the unproven and over hyped Northcutt, if Pfister can get it to the ground he could get a UD in three rounds.

UFC Fight Night 78 Betting Picks

UFC Fight Night 78 featuring Magny vs. Gastelum. A lot of fights but only one that we are going to focus on for betting.
Ricardo Lamas vs Diego Sanchez

Sanchez is coming into this at over a 5:1 underdog. Lamas is no slouch, and with most people fighting Sanchez he is going to want to keep it technical. What kind of game plan George Jackson has thought up for Sanchez and if he follows it we will have to see. Sanchez will need to close the distance in order to turn it into a brawl or use his wrestling to get it to the ground. A lot of Sanchez´s fights have gone the distance and he has also had some controversial wins and losses at the hands of the judges. Sanchez has the skill and the will to win this fight, but yea it will still be a long shot. Still worth the 5.494 that Nitrogen Sports is offering.

The other bet is on the over 2.5 rounds at 1.527. With the over you are betting on the idea that if Lamas wins it will be from a long techinal striking clinic and that Sanchez will be hard to put away. I like the odds, the main thing that is making me hesitate is that Sanchez gets so reckless sometimes that the doctors stop the fight. Over and Sanchez as singles, you could also play it like this:
Then if Sanchez loses but it still goes over 2.5 you are up 20%

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UFC 193 Beting Picks

Peter Sobotta vs Kyle Noke
Sobotta coming off a win in Berlin has improved a lot. His last win was not really convincing though. He did not show a lot of aggression. Kyle Noke is a legend. He is on every card in Australia. He is known for being aggressive and has a good clinch game. He is going to have the home crowd behind him while Sobotta is going to have to fly in from Germany. Value here in the home dog Noke.

Stefan Struve vs Jared Rosholt
Struve has improved but still takes too much damage and fails to use his reach. He is one of those do not bet fighers, always a coin toss with this guy. Should be fun to watch.

Uriah Hall vs Robert Whittaker
Everyone knows Hall from TUF and his round house kicks. Wittaker from Australia fought 3 times in 2014 and once so far in 2015. The odds on this one have been moving around. Hall is coming off a huge win against Gegard Mousasi where he spent a lot of the first round defending from his back only to get the knock out with one of his spinning kicks in the second. Hall at 1.7 and above is a great value. He seems to have found himself as we saw in his last fight and is underrated since in his first fights he lacked aggression.

Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva
This is a rematch of one of the best heavyweight fights ever. This time it is three rounds instead of five. Since the last fight Bookfoot Silva has been tested positive for some kind of substances and has not looked as good in his last fights. While Hunt might have lost some fights he had some fights against high level fighters, JDS, Micoic to name a few. Look for this fight to be shorter than last time. Under 1.5 rounds and Hunt for the win.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau
Title fight. Joanna is a brutal , techincal striker – how Valerie has a chance in hell is beyond me. Like Rousey Jederzejczyk is on another level as the rest of the fighters in her division. The sportsbooks agree and have her as a heavy 11:1 favorite. Here the interesting bet is on the rounds. Under 1.5 rounds for 1.7 ,her last fight did go over 1.5 rounds and Joanna will techincaly pick apart people, I could see this ending in the first round. If Letourneau has a chance it is a big punch early.

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm
Another title fight on this card. Mishia Tate was in line for a third shot at Rousey but the UFC suprised everyone with the Holm match up. The UFC is really hyping Holm as a threat to Rousey, but is she? Yes she has excellent boxing, and kickboxing. Has she really looked aggressive and finished people in a brutal matter in the UFC? No. She is with Greg Jackson, so that is good for some W´s, but not enough against Rousey. Anyone that thinks Holm even has a chance needs to stop watching UFC pre fight hype videos. Watch any of Holms fights with no sound, and any of Rousey´s and tell me, how the hell she is going to win. Head kick? lol you htink Rousey wont be ready to counter any kick with a takedown? You really want to stick out your legs when fighting Rousey? Sounds like sucide to me. The sportsbooks agree, Holm is a 11:1 underdog. As in the Jedzerjczyk fight the bet here is the over under rounds. Under 1.5 pays 1.3 up from 1.23 on open, some people really think that Holms long kicks can keep Rousey at bay for 1.5 rounds, 7:30 min. Do you really think so? Under for 1.3 is the only bet here.

Bet at 5dimes

UFC Odds -UFC Dublin

Some interesting odds for the UFC Dublin card on Oct 24th.
One would think that the UFC wants the Irish fighters to win, similar to the fights in Brazil where they give some of the local fighters good match ups. Lets see if that is the same here. DUFF OUT OF THE FIGHT, POIRIER TO FIGHT ON ANOTHER CARD.
Duffy had a concussion earlier in the week and after a doctor check up was not cleared to fight for medical reasons.
Connor McGregor was willing to step in: https://twitter.com/TheNotoriousMMA/status/656958603790798848
Parke was offered the fight: https://twitter.com/norman_parke/status/656948399909019648#sthash.sqJ4Ud45.dpuf
but Poirier refused.

Does this seem like the Brazil cards?
In the main fight Joseph Duffy vs.Dustin Poirier you have an interesting match up. A techincal striker in Duffy and Poirier an experinced fighter that is aggresive and known for striking and submissions. Dustin Poirier will want to take advantage of Duffy´s stance and throw leg kicks while Duffy will want to wait for Poirier to overextend on some strikes to land some technical body shots. Poirier would have the advantage on the ground but it he is going to need to set up a take down well to avoid a nice uppercut. The local Duffy will have a lot of support and it wont be easy for Poirier.

Tough call here, but the under 1.5 for 2.14 is risky, however both guys can end this early. Poirier will swarm if he sees that you are hurt and try to finish, Duffy is an ex-boxer, can put away people with liver shots or KO to the head. In any case I would feel better with the under than the over on this one.

Norman Parke is a good figher, Reza Madadi has been away for a while. Madadi is a great wrestler and ruthless. Normaly it is best not to bet on fighters that have just returned, but in this case the odds are worth it. Madadi is the underdog pick for this card, imo.

The rest of the card, you could pick all the local fighters and have a good chance of winning more than losing. The UFC loves to build up new places like Ireland and who wants to go to a card where all the locals lose?

Nearly a throw up with Asling a slight favorite. Both of these fighters are good on the ground with high level BJJ. Asling has a more unorthdox stand up style which has had mixed results. Still value here on both sides. Slight edge to the local because of the crowd (like brazil).

This is not advice, bet at your own risk