Bitcoin Betting and Gambling in general: Walking Tall

What is so revolutionary about BTC, the cryptocurrency that has been able to transform the industry of online gambling and betting and bring it to a whole new level?

For several years now, virtual gamblers and betting fans all around the world, have been actively and meticulously researching the advantages of Bitcoin, the most promising and recognized cryptocurrency. They have had all reasons for that, as the BTC has proven itself a handy, reliable, and easy-to-use digital payment method with a vast unrevealed potential in many fields and industries.

Such features are valued greatly by gambling players, as they, too, want to make their gambling-related payments and transactions, i.e. deposits and withdrawals, as highly efficient as they possibly can using the latest technologies available. Overall, efficiency is key when speaking about the benefits one can enjoy with Bitcoin’s help. The cryptocurrency enables business operators and their customers to cut down substantially on extra costs and expenses, e.g. the ones charged by traditional real-money electronic payment services providers. The case is the same with gambling and betting portals. Today, players do not want to pay too much for their transactions being handled by third parties, and, no less importantly, they want their funds transferred as quickly as possible, without having to wait for hours and even days to eventually top up their gaming balance, or withdraw their winnings.

Bitcoin helps online gamblers solve most of the problems they used to encounter playing at regular-currency Internet casinos. How is that possible? Well, Bitcoin is called a technological wonder for a good reason. First things first, let us start with the way Bitcoins get into your BTC wallet. Being an average user of the cryptocurrency, you don’t really want to mine it yourself, and the good news is you don’t have to, really, as you can easily purchase the desired amount of the cryptocurrency within seconds on any of the reliable online exchange platforms using just your credit card or other available electronic payment method. That’s it! Now that you have your own Bitcoins on the balance, you’re free to spend them on anything you want to, including playing your favorite casino games, virtual slot machines and betting on various sports events absolutely anonymously, without violating the law.

The thing is, nowadays a good Bitcoin sportsbooks can boast a massive set of features, options, and gaming opportunities that even some of the most advanced real-money Internet sportsbooks don’t have, including Bitcoin-enabled instantaneous payments (taking just seconds and minutes to be completed), impressive selection of games (developed by the world’s leading developers) and matches/events to wager on, the widest range of winning amounts offered: from several satoshis (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin) to gigantic jackpots reaching hundreds and thousands Bitcoins, minimal jurisdiction-based restrictions (in most countries Bitcoin is not deemed money, therefore BTC gambling is normally not considered illegal there) making Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks available to players from almost every corner of the world.

Gambling businesses’ operators are perfectly aware of what their existing and prospective customers are looking for today, and one of their primary goals is to be able to provide it to the latter, otherwise their gambling portals will simply sooner or later fall from grace. Bitcoin casino and betting portals are something that gamblers find to be meeting their needs perfectly, and, taking the above-said into account, they may easily be right. With all its considerable tech advancements and openness to changes, Bitcoin betting serves as a powerful stimulating force and driver behind the industry of electronic payments as a whole. Gone are the days when Bitcoin was mistrusted and even feared by major companies and entrepreneurs because of its novelty and ‘otherness’ (although some of them still avoid integrating it for reasons related to their personal interests). In just a couple of years, it has become a convenient and efficient means of payment adopted by many far-sighted enterprises, not only in the field of virtual gambling, and experts believe that is just the beginning for the cryptocurrency.