Fight TV Boxing,Judo,MMA Home Solo MMA Training Program (+ Recovery Massage)

Home Solo MMA Training Program (+ Recovery Massage)

Keep up with your training at home with this follow-along solo #MMA class, led by Coach Vince the Anomaly! He will walk you through a full-body mobility warm-up, followed by some leg endurance drills and “sprawl & brawl” shadowboxing, and finishing up with a deep-tissue recovery self- massage using a lacrosse ball.

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Solo MMA Training Schedule:
Day 1: Muay Thai & Balance, Back & Core
Day 2: Grappling & Leg Power/Endurance
Day 3: Boxing & Upper Body Power/Endurance
Day 4: Taekwondo, Hip Mobility, & Kick Flexibility
Day 5: Boxing, Footwork, & Core
Day 6: MMA, Full Body Conditioning, & Recovery
Day 7: Rest


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