Fight TV Judo,MMA,UFC UFC Scoring: What Matters Most? – MMA Judge

UFC Scoring: What Matters Most? – MMA Judge

This is a clip taken from a full episode of Down4Chats with UFC judge David Lethaby. In this particular clip, David informs the community about what actually takes priority when scoring and fight and how the subjective nature of the scoring system leaves judges open to undeserved criticism.

For the full episode with David Lethaby:

In this episode of Down4Chats we are joined by Mixed Martial Arts Judge David Lethaby. David Has judged across many different promotions and today lets us know what its like behind the scenes and squashes some common myths about scoring. A really interesting chat that gives a rare perspective on multiple topics. David has been a judge on many promotions including the UFC, Bellator, KSW and Cage Warriors, so a chance to ask these questions to an actual UFC Judge is not to be missed!

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