Fight TV Judo,MMA,UFC The TRT Era | MMA Lore Episode 2

The TRT Era | MMA Lore Episode 2

TRT: Three simple letters that dominated the sport of MMA for several years.

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In the modern era of the UFC, with its random testing through USADA, it is almost beyond belief that only a handful of years ago, fighters were allowed to use testosterone replacement therapy. And in some cases, were even given permission by the UFC itself. This video is my attempt to sum up the people, places and events that lead to the rise and demise of the TRT era of MMA.

Songs used in this video, in order:

Mystery bazaar – Kevin Macleod/

Trap Juice – RalphReal

Steel – RalphReal

Soul – Text Me Records / Grandbankss

Rise of the machines – White Bat Audio

Backed Vibes Clean – Kevin Macleod/

Dreams Become Real – Kevin Macleod/

Long Stroll – Kevin Macleod/


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