Fight TV Judo,MMA,UFC The MMA Depressed-us 51: Prospect Busts Vol. 3 'Duffee vs. Russow'

The MMA Depressed-us 51: Prospect Busts Vol. 3 'Duffee vs. Russow'

This could be the last week of the MMA Depressed-us for a hot minute. At least assuming that the UFC gets back to business like they intend to starting next week. To really wrap things up right, we’re diving back into the deep waters of MMA prospects that never panned out. All to get to a fight we should have done ages ago: Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow.

To get there, we’ll kick things off with disgraced former featherweight prospect (and now convicted felon) Josh Grispi getting a hype derailing whooping at the hands of Dustin Poirier. Then jump over to ‘Baby Fedor’ Kirill Sidelnikov and his Affliction battle against Paul Buentello. All ending on Todd Duffee’s tragically fated bout against the one and only Mike Russow.

As always, we’re watching all these fights on UFC Fight Pass; starting them at the beginning of each video. So just hit play when Zane says “go” to watch along with us. Or, if you’re not using Fight Pass, look for Connor to announce the start of the first round of each fight, so you can sync whatever other video you may have.

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