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Hilarious 75 KG MMA Legend vs. 185 KG Boxing Champion

Genki Sudo was one of the most awkward MMA fighters to face on the feet. He is ALWAYS clowning, but for very strategic purposes. It hid his awesome ground game—many people admits Sudo was ahead of his time!

In this fight he faced Butterbean, the world super heavyweight champion in boxing with a record of 66-3. This was Butterbean’s MMA debut.

After this fight, Genki would go on to have a illustrious career beating legends such as Ramon Dekkers, Mike Brown, and Royler Gracie. Butterbean would win 6 times in a row in MMA and another 6 times in boxing before losing a fight.

Since this is such a fun historic fight, I figured it would be fun match to break down, and so I invited my friend BJJ Trickster to collaborate. Super fun to do. If you want to see more of these, please let us know and support. Please subscribe to his channel here:

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I will be featuring Genki’s strategic unorthodox striking as well as many other historic fighters.


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