Fight TV Judo,MMA Basic Footwork For MMA BEGINNERS

Basic Footwork For MMA BEGINNERS

Welcome back to Arts Martial Mixed. In Today’s episode of our Technique Tutorials i will be explaining to you the two basic footwork types for MMA. This video is catered for MMA Beginners but the footwork i show in this video is relevant from amateurs all the way to Pro’s.

You don’t need any equipment, or a gym to start training in MMA, and therefore i show you exactly how easy it is to practice even in your backyard!!

The two types of footwork for MMA that i will be showing you is the Step & Slide, and the Pivot. Nailing this footwork will set you off on your MMA journey and take your game to another level!


0:42 – Step & Slide Footwork
2:09 – Pivot Footwork
3:03 – Footwork Drill #1


1. Get in your Fight Stance
2. Using Step & Slide… Go Forward, Back, Left, Right
3. Using Pivot… Go Right 4x on a 45 Degree angle back to the front.
4. Using Pivot… Go Left 4x on a 45 Degree angle back to the front.

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