Fight TV Judo,MMA,UFC How MMA Exposed Traditional Martial Arts | Martial Arts Explored

How MMA Exposed Traditional Martial Arts | Martial Arts Explored

UFC and the birth of MMA has changed the martial arts world forever. Before it was easy to claim your martial art is the best, yet the rise of UFC and MMA many martial arts were exposed to their lack of functionality. Just how much and in what ways UFC affected the traditional martial arts world – all about that in this Martial Arts Explored episode!

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Welcome to the Martial Arts Journey YouTube channel!

My name is Rokas. I’m a Lithuanian guy who trained Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running a professional Aikido Dojo until eventually I realized that Aikido does not live up to what it promises.

Lead by this realization I decided to make a daring step to close my Aikido Dojo and move to Portland, Oregon for six months to start training MMA at the famous Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head coach Matt Thornton.

After six months intensive training I had my first amateur MMA fight after which I moved back to Lithuania. During all of this time I am documenting my experience through my YouTube channel called “Martial Arts Journey”.

Now I am slowly setting up plans to continue training MMA under quality guidance and getting ready for my next MMA fight as I further document and share my journey and discoveries.

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